A real estate agent had so many liens against his properties he couldn’t sell his homes.  When WBTV did an investigation it exposed a pattern of financial problems with his customers that cost them thousands of dollars.  Real estate agent Chris Bradshaw had his real estate license revoked due to the investigation an his former clients would like for the state to step in and take his license for construction also.

Bradshaw is facing new lawsuits, foreclosures, and investigations.

In another lawsuit, the lender Bradshaw borrowed money from to build Brook’s property claims R-cubed has failed to pay up on the loan of more than $480,000.

WBTV reached out to Bradshaw and his attorneys for a comment on our findings but there has been no response.

After WBTV’s last report, Bradshaw’s attorney claimed WBTV’s reporting was doing more harm than good and was inaccurate but he did not say what information was incorrect.

With Bradshaw’s blessing, Brooks decided to move into the house in North Davidson even though he is unable to close on it right now.