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COLOGNE, GERMANY - APRIL 11: The MedEvac plane of the Bundeswehr, Germany's armed forces, arrives with injured Ukrainians on April 11, 2022 in Cologne, Germany. The plane was bringing the injured civilians from Rzeszow Airport in southeastern Poland, which is located near the Ukrainian border, for treatment in Germany. The Russian military invasion of Ukraine has led to the deaths of over a thousand civilians and thousands more injured so far. (Photo by Lukas Schulze/Getty Images)

What in the world could someone do to cause them to have a fine of over $80,000? The answer is a lot. This all happened last year on a flight from Dallas to Charlotte.

The FAA is not playing with y’all showing out on these people planes. They just aren’t playing. Last year a passenger showed her tail on a flight from Dallas to Charlotte. The passenger had allegedly gotten out of her seat. While out of her seat, she fell. That is not the airline’s fault she fell is what I’m sure a lot of people feel. After she fell, one of the flight attendants tried to help her. Either she was embarrassed she fell, or she had issues because she tried to shove the flight attendant. That was a major mistake. Naturally, two other flight attendants came to help. She hit one of the other flight attendants in the head repeatedly. It was a mess! She had to be restrained with zip ties and was arrested once the plane landed.

Even after all of this, the story gets crazier. She was fined for this incident by the FAA! According to Queen City News, she was fined $81,950. That fine is just simply not worth that type of behavior at all. The passenger wasn’t named, but sheesh. That fine is a salary.