Spring is the perfect time to visit one of Charlotte's two Topgolf locations. Grab your friends for some friendly competition. Make sure to try the food and drinks. The injectable donuts are a must eat!

Fresh off the Masters, the Carolina’s are being represented in a new national list! Three cities in the Carolinas just ranked as some of the best cities for golf in America.

It’s no secret that golf is a big deal in the Charlotte area. A few cities around Charlotte popped up on a this list of the best golf cities in America. Other cities aren’t too far away if you’re looking to plan a good golf trip.

ApartmentGuide.com studied multiple factors while compiling their new list. Some of the things they looked at were cities that hosed pro events, catered to locals, and offered a variety of golf experiences. Based on those factors, these cities ranked as the 10 best cities in America for golf.

10 Best Golf Cities in America:

  • 10.) Bend, OR
  • 9.) Pinehurst, NC 
  • 8.) Hilton Head, SC
  • 7.) Monterey, CA
  • 6.) Palm Desert, CA
  • 5.) Myrtle Beach, SC
  • 4.) Kohler, WI
  • 3.) Scottsdale, AZ
  • 2.) Naples, FL
  • 1.) Brandon, OR

While I personally don’t play golf, I think it’s cool that there are so many great options for golf players who live in the Carolinas.

CLICK HERE to check out the full study.