Actor/director Ron Howard visited the North Carolina coast and apparently he had the time of his life.  You probably remember him as “Opie” from The Andy Griffith show.  That is where he got his first big start.  He went on to play “Richie Cunningham” in Happy Days as well as many other roles.  Now he is one of Hollywood’s biggest movie producers and directors.  And he took his vacation in our home state.

Manteo is where Andy Griffith spent his last years.  And he told his friend all about how beautiful it is and how great the fishing is and how nice the people are. Ron and his wife spent a little time at a place called “Burris House”, his expectations were met and then some.

To learn more about Ron Howard’s North Carolina coast adventures check out all the details here.

Here is a fun fact.  So I was actually directed by Ron Howard in a movie called “ED TV”.  This is how that happened:  I was in a taping of the Jay Leno Show back in the late nineties.  I was sent there by the radio station on a press junket and I just happened to be in the audience when Ron Howard was filming part of Ed TV there.

Long story short, I was an accidental extra in the movie playing an audience member when they filmed a scene with Matthew McConaughey being “interviewed” by Jay Leno for the film.  Ron Howard was so kind, so patient and so grateful to those of us who had no idea we would be extras in a movie that day.  Cool huh?