It is estimated that there are around 50,000 grizzly bears in North America

This just in!  Bears are coming out of hibernation and they are hungry!  So hungry in fact they are resorting to breaking in cars to see if you have any snacks in your car.  It happened this week in Avery county.

A 200 pound bear was caught on camera looking for food and making quick work of the interior of a parked car.  Wildlife experts suspect there may have been food in this particular car and the bear could smell it.  Bears are smart and they most likely jiggled the door handle to get in the car.

Once in the vehicle the wind most likely blew the door shut and then the bear most likely locked himself in the car with his huge paw.  The bear was not harmed during the process of his removal.

Want to know more?  Channel 9 has all the details right here