6 Week Old Red Wolf Puppy (Canis rufus)

Look at these adorable little beans. They are so precious. In the coastal region of North Carolina, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service reported the birth of six red wolf pups this month, a remarkable achievement for an endangered species.

According to the program’s Facebook post, the litter consists of four females and two males found during the week of April 18. Organizers of the program believe the pups were born to a mother and father identified by the numbers 2225 and 2323, respectively. To make sure, they will perform a genetic test based on a cheek swab from one of the puppies. A litter of red wolves has been born in the wild for the first time since 2018. Red wolves are considered endangered by the IUCN.

The only wild red wolf population in North Carolina is located in five counties: Beaufort, Dare, Hyde, Tyrrell, and Washington. The Species Survival Plan, which uses captive breeding to increase the population of red wolves with the intention of releasing them into the wild, includes 241 wolves. Microchips were implanted in each pup at the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, so they could be identified later.

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