Do you suffer from arachnophobia? If so you might want to skip reading this. spiders are generally regarded as some of the most feared creatures around. And while you’re average spider doesn’t induce panic in me the large furry types yeah I’d be gone pretty fast if I ever came across one. And I definitely don’t want to come across the largest spider in North Carolina. The arachnid that takes that title? Well, it’s called a Carolina wolf spider.

About the Carolina Wolf Spider

Its scientific name is Hogna carolinensis. Carolina wolf spiders are the largest members of the wolf spider family. And it looks terrifying. Like I’m pretty sure there is a horror movie with this creature as the star somewhere. And if there isn’t, and you’re into making nightmares have at it. Like any spider, it has eight legs and eyes. The males are typically smaller than the females. Females have a darker color with a dark pattern across their backs. Males have an orange coloration surrounding their abdomen. Another feature that makes these animals unique is their eyes. Wolf spider’s eyes actually reflect light.

Despite the name, the Carolina wolf spider can be found across the country. They are able to survive and thrive in all sorts of different weather and habitats. They can also regulate their body temperature in different environments easily.

While the spiders do possess venom they aren’t typically a threat to humans. The venom is used to paralyze their prey, after a bite from their long fangs. If you were to be bitten by one it would be similar to a wasp or bee sting. So while the Carolina Wolf Spider is the largest spider in North Carolina it’s not the most dangerous. That title would go to the brown recluse or black widow.

Source A-Z Animals

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