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MANAUS, BRAZIL - MAY 29: A mother wearing a protective mask breastfeeds her child while waiting to be tested for coronavirus (COVID-19) at the riverside community of Belavista do Jaraqui, in Negro river, about one hour by boat from Manaus, on May 29, 2020 in Brazil. According to the Amazonas Health Surveillance Foundation (FVS-AM) 20,377 positive cases of coronavirus were detected in the Amazonas state cities. (Photo by Andre Coelho/Getty Images)

UNC is conducting a study surrounding infant nutrition and cognition. They are looking for mothers who are pregnant and/or nursing in the Charlotte area.

There are a few guidelines in regards to the mothers needed, but nothing that is to crazy. The age guidelines are women between the ages of 18-35. If you’re pregnant, then you have to plan to breastfeed. If you are between those ages and already breastfeeding, then you are in a great position.

There are some diet requirements too. I pulled the following diet requirements straight from the study’s site. They are listed below.

  a 3-month diet intervention (consuming either powdered whole eggs or powdered egg whites; egg powder provided)
  a total of 3 sessions across a 3-month period
  blood draws, food diaries, and infant cognitive testing

Now for the payment terms. You will get paid up to $225 bucks. Not too shabby if you ask me. If you want to be involved with this study, you can call 704-250-5018 or email feedingbrains@unc.edu.