Mercedes-Benz you may need to start making a plan to stop diving it. At least temporarily. The automaker is alerting the owners of just under 300,000 vehicles to stop driving them. This is due to an issue with the brakes that could cause them to fail. It has been discovered that moisture can make its way into the brake booster housing leading to corrosion. This in turn can cause a vacuum leak and decreased brake performance or failure.

If your vehicle is a part of the recall, Mercedes-Benz will offer free towing to get it to a dealership. The instances are rare but are believed to impact certain models from 2006-to 2012 in the ML, GL, and R-Class. Once at the dealership, the brakes will be inspected and parts replaced if necessary. Mercedes-Benz will begin to alert owners on May 27th in a letter.

At this point in time, no injuries or crashes have been reported due to the issue.

Source WWMT

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