TOKYO, JAPAN - APRIL 28: A baby, held by sumo wrestlers, cries during the Nakizumo or crying baby sumo contest at Sensoji Temple on April 28, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. 160 babies born in 2018 competed crying at the traditional festival that is believed to bring growth and good health to the infants. (Photo by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images)

Parents nationwide have been scrambling trying to find baby formula for their young infants.  It started in the midwest but now the shortage has hit the Queen City.

The issues are supply chain problems and a February recall that shut down a formula plant in Michigan. The shortage is hitting home for families in the Carolinas.

Parents who do breastfeed are asked to continue to do so because that helps give time for the company who makes formula to get back up and running but not everyone feeds their child that way and they are still looking for places that have any extra formula.

Abbott Nutrition, the baby formula plant in Michigan that got shut down, says it could take ten weeks to get the supply back to normal. But first, it needs FDA approval to restart production.

Given the shortage, the FDA is now allowing limited distribution of unaffected formulas from Abbott’s plant.  In the meantime, doctors say don’t make formula at home or stretch your supply, because those could lead to health issues.

Experts say to talk to your doctor about potentially switching brands or using cow’s milk or toddler formula.