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(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Kash Doll needed a little parenting advice so she hit Cardi B on social media for some help.  Kash Doll hopped on twitter to say, “Aye Bardi how the hell u change wav diapers with the nails? Lol i got on press ons struggling”.

Not only did Cardi respond by saying, “Trust me you will get the hang of it! However I do feel like boys are harder to clean, they got more crevices”, she also made a hilarious video showing how to change the diaper using a teddy bear as a model.

After watching the demo, Kash Doll thanked Cardi saying, “Ok I’ll be bck in a week and let u kno how it’s going!!! Lol Thnks girllllaaaaa 😘”.

This is super dope!  Celebrity Sisters sticking together.  What celebrity would you ask for parenting advice?  Head on over to my IG page @heymsjessica and let me know.