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Ms. Jessica at Harold's Chicken in Chicago

This is NOT a drill people!  Harold’s Chicken is coming to Charlotte!  The popular fast food fried chicken chain will be opening in the University City are in June.  (440 East McCullough Drive to be exact). Harold’s Chicken & Ice Bar will serve fried chicken with their signature “mild sauce”.  It will also have a full bar, hookah bar, and a weekend brunch.


Since 1950, Harold’s Chicken has been a Chicago staple, particularly on the South Side of Chicago, and is well known for its uniquely fried chicken and special “Mild Sauce”. Our founder, Harold Pierce, an African-American Chicago Business Man, developed the character of Harold’s primarily out of necessity because the larger fast food chains tended to avoid the African-American neighborhoods in the city of Chicago. At that time, the legal and social obstacles in Chicago prevented Harold’s and other black-owned businesses from expanding into the downtown Chicago area and the North Side area of Chicago. As a result, Harold’s became one of the few examples of a thriving fast food chain that was owned by, and primarily served, the Chicago African-American Community.