Rural cottage in the mountains.

I am a terrible insomniac.  Fun fact about me is that I only sleep around 3 hours a night.  But sometimes if I am very lucky; I step outside, take a few gulps of good ol South Carolina country air and I can go right back to sleep.

The best air in the world can be found right here in North and South Carolina. Out of 2,000 adults surveyed, 46 percent believe the mountain areas have the finest air followed by the beach, then the woods and their own homes.

Seven out of ten people say they would bottle fresh air from their favorite places to take home if they could.  Sixty three percent of people have tried to replicate their favorite kind of fresh air at home.  One Poll also found that four in five people believe there is “nothing quite as satisfying as getting a breath of fresh air”.

To learn more about how getting fresh air effects your sleep and your healthy get details right here