Moving is just a part of life and if you have a family, it is especially critical to find a decent location to settle down and make it your home.  Wallethub has tried to ease the burden to find the best and worst cities in the nation by looking at dozens of metrics across five categories.

The experts are looking for family fun, including weather, average commute time and a city’s recreational facilities per capita.  They also check out the health education and child care of the city.  How affordable is the area including housing and general cost of living.  They also looked at socio economics like unemployment rates and the wealth gap.

According to Wallethub 

The Best Cities For Families include :

Fremont, California; Overland Park, Kansas;Irvine, California;Plano, Texas and Columbia, Md

Among the worst cities for families according to Wallethub includes Fayetteville, North Carolina.

But why did Fayetteville make the stinky list?  Check out all the details from Wallethub

Here is a peek at what the town looks like: