Afternoon Vibes with Ms. Jessica

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Ms. Jessica and Slutty Vegan Owner, Pinky Cole (right)

First Harold’s, now this.  Slutty Vegan is coming to Charlotte!  Pinky Cole says she is bringing the popular restaurant to the Queen City after several successful pop-ups.  “It’s clear that Charlotte loves to support us when we come here. I’m looking forward to being in the city of Charlotte, and I know it will support me, because you all have supported me every time I’ve come.”

According to her website, “bringing vegan options and food awareness to Atlanta’s West End has always been a life dream of Pinky Cole, CEO and Founder of The Slutty Vegan.”  Now, North Carolinians will get a taste of that dream whenever they want to.  With creative names likes the “One-Night Stand” and “The Fussy Hussy”, Pinky makes vegan food fun!  And you can’t forget about her signature “Slut Sauce” to complete your “Slutty Vegan” experience.

No word on where the Charlotte restaurant will be or when it will open.  But Pinky says, it could open as early as this year.  You know I will be sure to let you know as soon as I get the details!