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DOVER, ENGLAND - JUNE 14: A border force contractor carries a baby that arrived in port on Border Force boat Valiant after attempting the crossing of the English Channel from France on June 14, 2022 in Dover, England. The Court of Appeal upheld the judgment that the Home Office could proceed with re-locating asylum seekers who enter the UK illegally to Rwanda. The first flight is due to leave this evening. (Photo by Chris Eades/Getty Images)

Safe places were created at fire houses and police stations for individuals to bring an unwanted baby. Now there is a new creation called the Baby Box.

I have heard too many stories of babies being placed in trash cans and the worst places due the baby being unwanted. Children are so innocent, so I could never understand why people would harm children or not want them. I do understand that some children could be born into a bad situation and the parent or parents don’t know if they will be capable. I’m here to tell you that you can make it through even when you feel you aren’t enough. A child’s love is like no other.

Now that I’ve gotten the positivity out of the way, lets talk about the Baby Box. This was created by a woman and I’ve seen a video of this box in Indiana. This box provides a safe space for someone to bring a child that may not want to keep that baby safe. This invention is pretty incredible. Take a look below.