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Are you prepared for the new changes

The Carolinas is a place where neighbors give of their goodwill, but how will we act in a recession? I’m trying to figure out if we’re headed toward a recession or depression. Throughout our history as a country, we’ve had 50 recessions. You might hear stories from grandma and grandpa about the depression they went through. By definition, a recession is a decline in economic activity that lasts for months or years.

Depression is basically financial turmoil. Both have their own personalities and ways they appear and subside. When you hear about decision-makers ordering the burning of food plants and asking farmers to burn or eliminate their crops for money, that’s concerning. What are your thoughts?

Whether it’s a depression or recession, it’s going to touch us all mentally. If you’re one of the lucky trust fund babies you might be okay. Will the rest of us need to make a homeless sign to practice for the drill? Many of us are already one paycheck away from homeless and bare refrigerators. Now that crypto is on the scene, is that our new currency? Markets are swinging like Tarzan in the jungle this month. For those who don’t know Tarzan, he swung from tree to tree yelling to wild animals, and would save people from drowning in quicksand. Although the show is outdated, please watch at least one corny episode to laugh. Well, I’m not sure how to end this blog so I’ll leave it here. If you have a bunker and farm to weather the upcoming storm, you’re one of the smart ones.

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