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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - MAY 06: A sign hangs outside of a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant on May 06, 2021 in Chicago, Illinois. Chicken prices have risen sharply this year as suppliers struggle to keep up with demand, fueled in part, by the popularity of new chicken offerings from fast-food restaurants. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Popeyes is celebrating it’s 50th birthday in a major way. They are giving us a special of a lifetime!

When Popeyes first opened in 1972, they were called “Chicken On The Run”. It was opened by a man name Alvin Copeland Sr. After he opened the restaurant it didn’t do very well. He eventually reopened under the name “Popeyes”. He came up with the name because of a member of the French Connection named Popeye Doyle. I’m assuming he was a fan fan!

The first Popeyes was opened in Louisiana. Eventually it has branched all over the country into what we know today as Popeyes. They are celebrating their 50th birthday with a great special.

The special is only $.59 cents. When you make a minimum of a $5 purchase, you can get two pieces of bone in chicken for .59 cents. When you add that cinnamon apple pie in, you simply can’t lose. As a reminder, this deal is only available when you place your order through the Popeyes App.