Lena Waithe, a Chicago native and Emmy winner, is the creator of "The Chi," a Showtime series, which debuts Sunday. (E. Jason Wambsgans/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

This is not only one of my favorite shows on tv but probably one of the best shows on tv all around, I’m talking about The CHI.  The premiere of season 4 was way better than advertised.  It had everything that an episodic show should have.  Great writing, good acting, storytelling, etc.  Some of the characters I feel like I can relate to because of what their character is going through.

For instance Emmett is my favorite character on the entire show, from when he was first introduced in season 1 to now.  I feel like Emmett is me and that my life is being played out through his character.  He started out with a lot of kids (I don’t have as many as him), he was a player that had quite a few girlfriends and then he thought he found the right one, married her, got into an open marriage, then his wife didn’t want to be married to him anymore because he told her the truth about something that happened before they got married.