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Our summer block party series is back and we have already had our first one in Salisbury. With that comes our “Off The Stage” series is back with J. Howell and many more.

Our first blockparty went down in Salisbury. Rissa Reign, Hunxho, Vanity Rose, and J. Howell. They all had some amazing performances. Just like last year, I was able to catch up with each artist as they jumped off the stage. We were able to find out a bit more about them and their music.

First up on the stage was Rissa Reign.

Next up were my girls Vanity Rose. One thing about me, I’m gonna dance and have fun! The beginning of this video shows just that.

Next up was Hunxho. The crowd was anxious for his performance and he delivered.

Last, but not least, was J. Howell. His performance was highly anticipated by everyone and he did more than deliver. He sounded just like his records during his performance. J. Howell can singggggg! We had a lot of fun during his off the stage interview. Check it out.

Stay tuned for information on our next block party!