A sign on a two-lane country road welcomes residents and visitors to North Carolina.

Those North Carolina maps are experiencing a change. The North Carolina town of East Laurinburg is about to be considered unincorporated land. The former small town was part of Scotland County. If you make the drive from the Charlotte area to the beach you’ve likely driven through Scotland County along 74. This change in distinction will go into effect on July 1. Why you may ask? Well according to the Carolina Public Press financial violations led to this move.

The violations were detailed in a report in the fall of 2022 by the state auditor’s office. The state recommended embezzlement charges be filed. At this time the county’s District Attorney has not pursued the charges. WSPA reports that a Local Government Commission used Senate Bill 314 to unanimously vote to dissolve East Laurinburg’s town charter. This was the first time in the history of North Carolina this has been used. What was previously known as the town of East Laurinburg will now be unincorporated land belonging to Scotland County.

According to Duke University residents who live in unincorporated land areas have neither their own municipal governments nor have been annexed into another town’s local government. It’s reasonable to assume that the area could be lumped in with Laurinburg. And how does it impact residents for now? Fewer taxes perhaps? In that case, count me in!

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