What type of comedy do you like?  Dark humor, blue comedy, self depricating, roasting, clean comedy, did you even know how many types of comedy there were? Do you even view comedy anymore as an art form?  I don’t even know what state stand up comedy is in now.  When people feel as if they can ru on stage or put their hands on a comedian where does stand up comedy go from there?


A lot of comedians are asking themselves now what do they need to do in order to feel safe & what direction do they need to go in since they don’t have the ability to say whatever they want to.  I personally feel as if comedy has never been in a better state,  when people are in an uproar about words coming from another man’s or woman’s mouth that person is obviously doing something right.

You don’t have to like what it is someone is making you laugh at but th fact that you laughed is all a comedian cares about.  Even the comedians who say things for shock value understand that a laugh is the bottomline.  As a consumer of comedy you should just come to a show and enjoy the moment and the art that the comedian is displaying.  Listen to the message that is being conveyed instead of the words that are being used to deliver that message.

How do you view stand up comedy now?