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NAKHON PATHOM, THAILAND - JUNE 11: A man smells a bag of marijuana while browsing products at a marijuana legalization festival on June 11, 2022 in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand. Highland Network, a pro-marijuana organization, hosted their two-day "Thailand 420 Legalaew" music and marijuana festival at a man-made beach area in Nakhon Pathom. On June 9, 2022 Thailand officially decriminalized marijuana cultivation and possession, as the government plans to give away 1 million cannabis plants for free to people throughout the country. The festival featured farmers and dispensaries selling their marijuana, educating people about medicinal CBD and THC, and cooking with cannabis. (Photo by Lauren DeCicca/Getty Images)

I couldn’t believe the video that I was watching! Allegedly 100 pounds marijuana was thrown allegedly on I-77.

Now, I will be honest, the video does not lie. I’m over here thinking it’s a setup. These are pounds of marijuana for sure. I’m sitting here thinking what if the police are watching to see who rolls by to pick it up.

Here is the real question, are you stopping to pick it up, or are you leaving it alone? Temptation is real.

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