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HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 24: TV personality Nick Cannon attends the ALL Def Movie Awards at Lure Nightclub on February 24, 2016 in Hollywood, California.

Recently, Nick Cannon has pledged his allegiance to Wendy Wiliams and will not endorse Sherri Shepherd’s new talk show.  Nick allegedly feels like Wendy gave him his shot by letting him fill in for her which led to him getting his own talk show.  Word is, “He wasn’t cool with how they handled him and how they abruptly canceled his show and hustled everyone out of there and took their computers and s**t.”  Wendy said about the final show, “There was nothing I liked about the [the final episode of] Wendy Williams Show. [Debmar-Mercury] didn’t ask me [to appear during the finale], so I didn’t. I sat in my apartment and I watched it. And [I was] like.”