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I started a new digital series called “Off The Stage” last year and it’s done really well. Our recent block party was no different with Lil Shordie Scott, Anella Herim, and more.

Lil Shordie Scott’s new record “Cardigan” has literally taken the internet by storm. Cardi B recently posted a video with the song and the floodgates seemingly opened wider for Lil Shordie Scott to burst through. Our “Off The Stage” interview was dope!

Anella Herim is a North Carolinian that is going to be a bonafide superstar. He recently made a major move and he revealed it during our interview.

India Shawn is an entire vibe! She lit up the stage and turned the heat up even more during our interview.

Pooda Robin and Coby Sosa performed their new song “Cookout Slide 2.0”. This record was on fire on Tik Tok and I got a chance to learn how all of this came about.