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A blurred police car in the background behind yellow crime scene tape.

I knew this story was going to get stickier than honey and here we are. The pastor we recently saw robbed on live is now in the hot seat being accused of theft.

Bishop Lamar Whitehead is being accused of taking $90,000 from one of the church parishioners. I’m not going to lie, this robbery has given a weird feeling about it to some people and I understand. This doesn’t help those opinions either. According to the parishioner, she was promised assistance on buying and renovating home due to her having purchase issues because of credit. She wiped out her savings, $90,000 total, and gave it to Mr. Whitehead. She would be given a monthly allowance of $100 for expensive. After the first payment, poof, he was gone. He was allegedly in the middle of a campaign and was unable to be reached.

Long story short, this woman still has not received her money and she is not happy. I wouldn’t be happy either. This alleged story comes to us from City Nyc.