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Watch Out For Signs of Anxiety

Are you a teen headed to college this year? The Mayo Clinic, says 44% of college students having symptoms of depression and anxiety. Not to worry because we’re all feeling certain amounts of anxiety. Symptoms of anxiety can look like stomach ache, irritability and edginess, to insomnia. Have someone on speed dial for panic attacks as well or at least share that with your roommate. Now that you’re almost 21 years old you’ve tasted a bit of independence and that feeling is so freeing. How can someone improve their mental well-being before leaving the nest? Getting through the first month living on campus may seem lonely, but the feeling is mutual. New friendships make days go faster during your cast your web of social networking. As you find friendships, your classes will grow your intellect. Your first month will be full of new calendar dates to keep up with as you settle into your dorm or apartment.

Late night studying with a little partying, make sure to plan or schedule selfcare time. Even when the budget is tight use your creative juices to figure out how to release and relax. You’ll learn a new level of coping with challenges, self-soothing, but take note not to medicate too much. It may sound silly, but meditating, going to the gym or biking can release a little more anxiety. Eating habits will be different because mom isn’t cooking or washing your clothes until the holidays. Isolating yourself from others might be needed, but don’t allow it to go on for the entire year. Have a wonderful time away from home and enjoy the college experience. Write us back and tell us how it went for the first week in college.

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