ATLANTA, GEORGIA - MAY 1: Chris Robinson & the New Earth Mud performs on stage during Music Midtown May 1, 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia.

It was announced yesterday that Atlanta’s popular Music Midtown Festival was canceled. But is there a chance Music Midtown could end up in North Carolina this year? Possibly! The festival announced on social media that it was canceled. Almost immediately rumors began swirling that the reason involved Georgia’s open carry law which would go against many of the artist’s riders. Riders are the list of requirements an artist has to perform at a show or event.

And it didn’t take long for North Carolina governor Roy Cooper to weigh in on the matter. He took to Twitter to let the festival promoters and artists know that they are welcome to hold the event in the state. He said the state has multiple spaces to hold the event. And made a point to mention it could be “fun and safe”. The choice of words only further fuels the gun issue as a reason for the initial cancelation.

Music Midtown has been an Atlanta tradition for almost 20 years and was scheduled to be held on September 17th and 18th. The festival features more than 30 artists across multiple genres. Highlights included My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Pheobe Bridgers, and 2 Chainz. No word on if the Music Midtown is considering a move, but this be huge for the state of North Carolina and the economy if we could secure it!

Do You Know Every North Carolina Minor League Baseball Team?

Baseball is widely regarded as America’s pastime. Without a major league team closer than Atlanta or DC minor league baseball takes the stage in North Carolina. So it’s a good thing that we have plenty of North Carolina minor league baseball teams to be a fan of! It can seem like there are so many teams that it’s hard to make sense of what they all mean. It seems like every town has a baseball team. Are they all the same level?

The short answer is no. Minor league baseball is made up of several different levels. These are used for player development and getting players ready to hopefully one day compete in the “big leagues”. Each major league team has 4 minor league teams affiliated with them for a total of 120 teams in the country. Additionally, there are other independent baseball leagues that players can play in and fans can take in games.

Minor league baseball can be a fun and relatively inexpensive outing for families and friend groups alike. Most tickets are very affordable with fun promotions as well as food and drink specials. North Carolina is home to 10 official minor league teams in the triple A, high A, and single A levels. We also have 5 independent baseball teams. Keep reading to learn a little about each of the teams, where they are located, their major league affiliate, and their level!