A portion of Interstate 85 in South Carolina was stained pink with clothing dye Tuesday afternoon following an accident near Spartanburg. The incident happened around 1 pm on Tuesday when a U-haul truck carrying a drum containing 55 gallons of organic dye crashed. This is according to Spartanburg County Emergency Management. The accident took place in Spartanburg County between Highway 129 and Highway 29.

The crash understandably caused delays on the southbound side of the interstate for some time as crews worked to clear the scene.  Meanwhile, a river of blue and purple dye flowed down the highway.  See the colorful pictures at Queen City News or click on the Twitter link below.

While it is pretty to look at you understandably don’t want to get the dye on your vehicle. The good news, however, is that the organic dye is water-soluble so it’s harmless and the color will be temporary. So drivers can enjoy the color knowing it will not cause any lasting damage. Additionally, no injuries were reported in the interstate crash that led to the pink and blue dye staining the asphalt. And the road reopened around 6 pm. If you’re traveling along 85 in Spartanburg County today let us know if the colors are still visible!