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Our final summer series block party at JCSU was everything! I had a chance to catch up with a few performers for “Off The Stage”.

We spun a wheel with random questions to find out more about these artists and we had a great time. First up is Gabby Gabbana. Gabby is from Charlotte and lit it up both on and off the stage.

Up next is Reuben Vincent. Reuben is also from Charlotte. He was originally signed to 9th Wonder in. 2016. He killed the stage too.

2win lit the stage up next. They had the crowd going crazy, doing Tik Toks, and more.

PGF Nuk hit the stage next and he killed it.

Money Only Mo has had the city on absolute fire!!! He tore the stage down and jumped off stage and showed us another side of him!

Atozzio was up next! His new single “Feel Better” had everyone feeling better.

Consequence was up next!

Fetty P Franklin is another Charlotte legend and he showed represented for the city in a major way!

Numerl 3 was also on the stage. Numeral is also from Charlotte and represented for the 4!

Next up is Ms. Davita Haywood. She is the VP of Student Affairs at JCSU. She chatted with us all things JCSU.

Last but not least is my girl Big Boss Vette. She snatched all our souls on and off the stage.