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Holiday Guests Are Coming

I was talking to someone yesterday that said that they never take down their Christmas tree down. I bet there are many of us that want to leave it up. As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching think about how many guests you can accommodate that’s comfortable for you. Even if they say that they’ll sleep on the couch, will you be comfortable with that situation? If you’re going to be the guest, always bring a hostess gift no matter how small the gift is, but make it something they would want.  Being responsible of the rise and shine hours will vary with each household. Are you asking the family member to put up their pets for you? Be careful with that request because that pet is a family member. Will you pitch in on food, drink or cook a loving meal for them? You need to find out if they have allergies. The biggest tip is to leave the space you stayed in, cleaner than you found it. If you’re bringing your child, don’t reply on the host or hostess to babysit.

This next tip is what I was guilty of, lol. Years ago I checked in on a friends cat while they were away and I closed doors and they normally left open. When I went back on the 3rd day, that cat had taken a dump in all of their shoes. Those cats need full access to all areas day and night. The next tip may seem overboard, but it’s not; please mail them a thank you letter. I’m not a huge post office goer, but I make the effort.

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