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Is the Amazon Personal Shopper Worth it?

Amazon Personal Shopper service is kind of like a stylist in it’s own right once the algorithm gets a good idea of what you like. The goal of the service is supposed to find the best clothing options for you. It seems easy, just answer a few questions and they will choose clothing on your preference. DesiVentures Amazon Personal Shopper video puts everything in perspective by clicking here. If you have Amazon Prime account, create a profile and take a style survey. You’ll have seven days to return the items with no questions asked, and we like that. Of course some of the items are pretty pricey once you add shoes, tops, pants, dresses, even workout clothes.

This is a great service since retail stores kind of suck after the pandemic. Shopping doesn’t seem as enjoyable because many of our favorite boutiques closing. I’m still upset about Cache clothing stores closing and the Stein Mart up the street closing. In closing, when submitting your Amazon Personal Shopper request be patient, because it takes a few days before the personal shopper recommendations replies to you. Your blood will start pumping when being notified via email that your styles are ready. Let me be the first to say happy holiday shopping.

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