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I recently took a trip to LA, and I can tell you there were some rude things done on the plane! I found a list of 10 of the most rude things and it is the truth.

The Vacationer is a travel site and they created a list of the most rude things you can do on a plane. After my trip over the weekend, I can say that I concur on these things

  • Talk to someone too much – So honestly, this is a good one. Sometimes passengers just want to make small talk. Sometimes it can get to be way too much and it gets aggravating. I didn’t have an instance of someone talking too much, but I’m sure if I did, I would def be aggravated.
  • Listen to music too loud – Now, I’m not quite sure why this would even be an issue because there are way too many in-ear listening possibilities that this should be an issue. Most people have AirPods or wired headphones to listen to their phone. A lot of airlines even have headphones to either offer or sell, so this one here should be no excuse. The only excuse someone should have is if they don’t have the proper adapter for their cell phone.
  • Fully recline your seat – So on this one, I’m a bit up in the air with it. The seats on the plane I was on didn’t really recline far back. I’m not sure if it was jus the airline I was on, or if that’s standard now. I would suggest if you are a tall person, book the exit row or first class for additional leg room.
  • Eat stinky food – With this one here, I understand, but it also is what it is. On my way back home, I laid over in Houston and I was starving. As a diabetic, it’s imperative that I eat. It just so happened there was a Mexican cantina across from my terminal. My flight had a 48 minute layover and it took 20 mins to walk from my arriving terminal to my departure terminal. That was my only option and I took it. It was delicious. A lot of the times, airlines don’t have the best options for food even in first class. So with this one, I’m going to get whatever I can get and deal with it later. Sorry not sorry.
  • Hog the armrest – Well, maybe the airline needs to add double armrests. When it’s three people to a seat, everyone needs a little extra room so it is what it is here. That’s it. That’s the comment.
  • Poor hygiene – Now look people, this one here is a must! It should have been in capital letters because I’m dead serious on this one. So, on the second leg of my trip to Los Angeles, there was man that went into the bathroom. I just so happened to have to go so I waited on him to come out of the bathroom. After I realized I had been waiting for 10 minutes or so, I realized he may be in the bathroom for a while. At that point, I had to go to a different area of the plane and use the bathroom. Once I made it back to my seat, I realized that whew. The plane didn’t smell so good. I’m not saying this is bad hygiene, because it’s not. When you have to go, you have to go, but whew LAWD!
  • Not paying attention to your child – This can be one that takes just about anyone out. Even us Mom’s. I have been on a plane before where someone had their child changing seats between family members and I promise, it was aggravating. If each family member was in a aisle seat, it would have not been so bad, but they were in middle and window seats, Sheese! Do better.
  • Getting drunk and disruptive – This is a given! Get them off the plane! Simple!
  • Kicking the back of someone’s seat – This is just rude!!! Period!
  • Board and deplane out of turn – This is rude for real! However, I had the tightest layover in layover history to get to my connecting flights. This caused me to almost have get up and move fast. This isn’t easy to do anyways because as soon as the flight lands and docks, passengers are already getting up and ready to go. This makes it difficult to deplane out of turn anyways. Yes it is rude, but in some instances, I do understand.

I think all of these are great items and I’m sure some of you have even experienced them. Drop your comments below.

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