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SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA - MAY 03: Customers search through bins of merchandise at the Falling Prices! store on May 03, 2022 in Santa Rosa, California. A store called Falling Prices! recently opened in Santa Rosa, California that sells liquidated merchandise with prices that fall each day. New merchandise is revealed on Tuesdays with a price of $6 per item. Merchandise that goes unsold will go down in price each day until Saturday when the price finishes at $.25 per item. The bargain basement prices help many in the community that are struggling with recent surge in prices at retail stores. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

If you’ve never been to an oversized bin store, I can promise you are missing out. The good news is a new overstock bin store is opening in Concord! I actually went to a different version of this store while I was visiting in Columbia, SC once. This bin store was absolutely amazing! While I was in the store, I went on the tail end of it’s season in Columbia.

They informed me while bin searching if I found a travel sized bottle of hand sanitizer, it was free. I was excited because I am that girl! The deal girl! The bins are different prices. As their season in that city dwindles down, the bins get cheaper from what a customer informed me during my visit. I found items from various stores that I already shop it. It couldn’t have been a better bargain. If you’re a bargain shopper like me, you are guaranteed to know I will help you find a deal! This is a deal! Happy shopping! The store is located at 30 Branchview Dr. Concord.