A close-up shot of a Cuban tree frog (Osteopilus septentrionalis)

While it looks harmless and even slightly cute this frog is not allowed in the state of North Carolina. It’s a Cuban Tree Frog which is considered invasive and therefore is a restricted species of frog in the state. The frog was found in the car of someone who had driven to North Carolina from Florida.

According to UFWildlife, the frog is “native to Cuba, the Cayman Islands, and the Bahamas. These treefrogs were accidentally brought to Florida in the 1920s.” Even then they were hitchhiking. Though in that case, it was most likely in cargo containers on ships. Cuban Treefrogs are considered invasive in because of their likelihood to harm ecosystems as well as cause issues for humans. They secrete a ‘slime’ from their skin that can irritate the human nose and eyes, and even trigger asthma attacks.

The frog was turned over to BeWild Reptile Rescue, the organization then filed for an educational permit with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission to be able to keep and study the animal. They were approved for the permit but the animal will have to permanently reside at the rescue.

It was smart thinking by the driver to reach out to the rescue. I most likely would have just opened my door and unknowingly release a restricted species of frog into the wild.

This tiny froglet was found hitchhiking in someone’s car who had come up from Florida. Unfortunately it looks like he’s...

Posted by BeWild Reptile Rescue on Monday, October 17, 2022

List: The Top 11 Places To Retire In North Carolina

It’s never too early to dream about retiring. How can I be one of those people who retire in their 30s? #goals. And if you’re retirement dreams include moving to a quaint town full of relaxation, amenities, and activities then you’re in luck. There are some fantastic places to retire in North Carolina. Whether you want to golf, the beach, the mountains, or a slightly more suburban feel you won’t be bored in these places!

Niche.com compiled a list of the best places to retire in North Carolina. The list was calculated “based on the number of retirees, weather, and access to healthcare and entertainment. Ranking based on data from the U.S. Census, FBI, CDC, and other data sources. Read more on how this ranking was calculated. ”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of these locations are on the water. Some are all small-town vibes, while others are close enough to larger metros if that’s what you need! Now I just figure out how to grow my retirement fund by 100x or maybe just hit the lottery. I could handle working a fun part-time job while enjoying all these towns have to offer. Oh well, at this point I’ll just dream!

  • 11. Bermuda Run

    Population: 2,688

    Bermuda Run is a small suburb of Winston-Salem. The Town of Bermuda Run was incorporated in 1999 and Kinderton Village was annexed into the Town in 2012. It is comprised of numerous residential developments (Bermuda Run East, Bermuda Village, Bermuda Run West, and Kinderton Village), paired with a thriving business community, a medical center, diverse shopping, and restaurant options, walking trails, country clubs, and more!

  • 10. Southport

    Population: Southport

    You’ve almost certainly seen Southport on your TV screen. Where you know it as “Tree Hill” or have seen it in Safe Haven,” ” A Walk To Remember,” “The Secret Life of Bees” or “Under The Dome.” This historic maritime town is south of Wilmington at the mouth of the Cape Fear River. It’s close enough to the amenities of a larger city, but you get to live in a picturesque small town.

  • 9. Flat Rock

    Population: 3,354

    Flat Rock is a historic residential mountain community with forested landscapes and scenic vistas along winding byways. Flat Rock prides itself on being rich is history, tradition, and beauty. It’s ho to the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site, a National Park Service property, and the Flat Rock Playhouse. Additionally, you’ll find that many spots in the village are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. If you are looking to retire in the mountains this is a perfect option!

  • 8. Emerald Isle

    Population: 3,691

    Emerald Isle is a North Carolina beach town located on the Crystal Coast at the western end of Bogue Banks. The town features 12 miles of pristine shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean and Bogue Inlet.  You’ll find a disc golf course, dock, shoreline, and forest trails, and part of the North Carolina Birding Trail.

  • 7. Sea Breeze

    Population: 1,646

    Sea Breeze is a census-designated suburb of Wilmington, NC. It’s part of the Wilmington metro area giving you all the benefits of Wilmington paired with a small town feel.

  • 6. Southern Shores

    Population: 2,931

    Southern Shores is a residential community located on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Southern Shores is known for its great weather, beautiful homes, and community pride. Here you’ll find secluded charm with walking-distance access to the central Outer Banks. This gives you access to restaurants, shops and attractions. The landscapes features rich maritime forests and residential beaches.

  • 5. Sunset Beach

    Population: 3,994

    Sunset Beach is the southernmost Brunswick Islands beach and was even included on National Geographic’s list of 21 Best Beaches In The World. Here you won’t find boardwalks or high-rises. Instead, enjoy the wide beaches are marshes.  One unique feature of Sunset is that you can actually watch the sun rise and set over the beach due it’s unique location.

  • 4. Pinehurst

    Population: 16,382

    Best known for golfing and the Pinehurst Resort, the Town of Pinehurst has even more to offer. It’s rich in history as one of two National Historic Landmark Districts in North Carolina. The  Tufts Archives detail this history. The Village at Pinehurst is home to delightful shops and restaurants. And the Village Arboretum features a large open lawn area, a Pergola Garden, and 3 miles of natural walking trails.

  • 3. Carolina Shores

    Population: 4,391

    Carolina shores is just across the state line from North Myrtle Beach. You’re close to the fantastic seafood in Calabash, NC. It’s a short drive to the beach making this a convenient location for retirees.

  • 2. St. James

    Population: 5,889

    St. James is a town located along the southeast coast of North Carolina just a few miles from Southport, NC about 30 miles south of Wilmington. It’s nestled in some of the most unique wetlands in the country. It’s attractive to active retirees with golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, a marina, and a beach club.

  • 1. Pine Knoll Shores

    Population: 1,284

    West of Atlantic Beach is Pine Knoll Shores. This beach community is nestled on the ocean side and Bogue Sound side of the sandspit, combining for a secluded beach experience.  The Crystal Coast Country Club is a golfers paradise, and there is easy public beach access through a series of designated walkways.