I love the movies. Now that they are back open, you can keep warm and be entertained by heading to one of our many Charlotte movie theaters.

Do you have a favorite Halloween movie by chance? Ifs so, then you may have that one that you have loved all of your life. I know when Halloween comes around, I definitely do enjoy some great Halloween classics on Disney Plus. It’s so much fun to enjoy it and think about how much you loved the movie when you were younger as well. Spooky season is one of my favorite times of the year and I cannot wait to see these things all mixed into one.

Myrtle Beach Online ran a report to discuss how some states have an all-time favorite Halloween kids’ movie. Can you guess which one ranked for South Carolina? USDish conducted their second annual report of everyone’s favorite Halloween kids’ movies to determine which ones came out at No. 1. This year, Scooby-Doo came in as South Carolina’s favorite Halloween kids’ movie for the state. Can you agree with this one? Scooby Doo is certainly one of my favorite movies for sure. I still happily watch Scooby Doo movies whenever I am in the mood for it. Scooby Doo also came out as the overall most popular movie in a total of 13 states. Guess South Carolina isn’t alone on that one.

Can you guess what the second most popular movie is? 11 other states have the movie, Coraline, as their all time favorite Halloween kids’ movie. I don’t think I have ever seen this one, but at least now I have a new movie to check out while we’re still in spooky season. If neither of these are your favorite Halloween kids’ movie, then what is your go to? Check out the full report here.