It’s November. Do you know what that means? Thanksgiving is just around the corner. So all of the groceries in the store are about to be gone.  If there’s one thing we do know there will be a plethora of pies to enjoy. I may not be a pie person, but I know plenty of y’all enjoy all pies from pecan to apple to pumpkin to sweet potato. But do you know what North Carolina’s favorite pie is? Me neither.

Desert News did a recent post to discuss each state’s favorite pie for Thanksgiving. Instacart did a study that took tons of pie flavors to determine what the best is for each state. Personally, I am not a pie person whatsoever but I see y’all clearly enjoy some pies. Some of the top pie flavors include cherry, pumpkin, apple, pecan, chocolate, blueberry, and more. Who is eating that? According to Desert News, North Carolina’s favorite pie is pecan. Of course, the south love some pecans. Do you say pee-can or pa-cahn?

I’m different I don’t eat most of the foods that everyone else does during the holidays.  What’s your favorite to eat during Thanksgiving?

North Carolina Named No. 1 State to Quit Your Job & Start a Business

Are you a business owner? If not, you may want to think about switching your career. A new study shows North Carolina is the best place to quit your job and start up a business. What business ideas do you have? There has been a list of states in the US that have been listed as the top states to quit your job and start your own business and that business becomes successful.

Finance Buzz recently released an article with the top 20 states best to quit your job and start a business. Luckily North Carolina made it to No. 1. Can you guess what other states are great to head to if you want to be a business owner? See what Finance Buzz put together for you entrepreneurs. Find out what other states made the top of the list and see where your favorite may end up. Check out which states made the top 6 below.