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Shanquella Robinson

Imagine receiving a phone call that your loved one passed away in a foreign country.  Well, that is exactly what happened to Sallamondra Robinson earlier this month, when she learned that her 25 year old daughter, Shanquella Robinson, was found dead in Cabo, Mexico while vacationing with a group of friends.

Originally, Mrs. Robinson was told that Shanquella died of alcohol poisoning.  It wasn’t until she received phone calls from various people and saw her daughter’s autopsy report that she knew that was a lie and something terrible happened to her daughter.

According to her sister, Tequila Long, Shanquella had a broken neck, cracked spine, and bruises all over her body at the time of her death.  Even with clear evidence of foul play, the United States State Department released a statement claiming “no clear evidence of foul play”.  Then a video was anonymously released showing a woman brutally beating Shanquella while others watched and recorded.  No one attempted to stop the vicious attack.

The story has since made national headlines and the family of Shanquella Robinson want answers and justice for their loved one.

I had a chance to chat with Shanquella’s mother and sister about what life has been like since they received that horrible phone call.  Have any of the people that were on the trip with Shanquella reached out to them?  Who released the video?  What do they need from the public?

Check out my full interview with Shanquella’s mother and sister below.  Let’s keep the name Shanquella Robinson in the media until this beautiful young lady receives the justice she deserves.  #JusticeForShanquellaRobinson