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BERLIN, GERMANY - APRIL 28: Christine, Polina, Iwan and Mila (L-R) schoolchildren who recently fled war-torn Ukraine attend Ukrainian primary school education at the "Classroom for Ukraine" project on April 28, 2022 in Berlin, Germany. The initiative, started by the Arche charity and Boston Consulting Group, provides continued education opportunities for Ukrainian children with Ukrainian teachers. Germany has registered over 370,000 refugees from Ukraine since the start of the Russian military invasion in February. Many Ukrainian children are also attending regular German primary schools.

You go to school to learn. You go to school to have fun. You do not go to school to get bullied or bully. A middle school girl is trying to go to school to learn and get her education. The young lady can not learn because she is being bullied by some racist kids at her school. The young lady and her mom have went to the proper school authorities and nothing has been done. At wits end they have now turned to the media for help. The girl’s mom says she wants to bring awareness to her daughter’s story because she know so many other kids are dealing with this. This whole story makes me mad!!!

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