One of the highlights of Thanksgiving is the opportunity to gather with friends and family. But the highlight for most people is the food. And as the host that can be a lot of pressure. Planning the Thanksgiving menu can be tough. You want everyone to enjoy it and be happy. But you can’t make every person’s favorite dish, using their favorite recipe. It’s just not possible. And you definitely don’t want your meal to be complained about when you labored over the classic Thanksgiving dishes.

As we skate through this short week and get ready to celebrate Turkey day, your mind may be more on the menu and less on your job. (No judgment here). So while you’re contemplating the perfect feast, it’s important to know the dishes that many people aren’t thankful to see on the table. So which Thanksgiving dishes do we complain about the most? Well, our friends at Betway analyzed online sentiment data to reveal which Thanksgiving dish Americans complain the most about on Twitter. 

And the results, well they may surprise you. Especially how high the “star of the show” ranked. The number one, well it’s kind of controversial anyway. But wow, was I surprised at the rankings of several of these. 

These are the most complained about Thanksgiving Dishes: