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Martin Luther King Jr. was a world-renowned peacemaker. Martin Luther King Jr. scrubbed the globe trying to make peace and equality a way of life for people. Martin was such a peacemaker that he won the Noble Peace Prize. Martin was a preacher’s kid and preached the message of equality everywhere he went. Martin was shot and killed for spreading his message of peace and equality. Martin Luther King Day and weekend has become a big weekend for reflection, appreciation, and celebrating the legacy of Dr. King. We here in America have turned it into something that it is not. It is not partying, drinking, and pole-sliding. Dr. King would not approve of these flyers you’ll be putting him on. Dr. King’s likeness and image should not be used in this way.

Larry Mims on Instagram: "#larrymad Martin said stop posting him on flyers #aintnowayboss #ikyfl"

Larry Mims shared a post on Instagram: "#larrymad Martin said stop posting him on flyers #aintnowayboss #ikyfl". Follow their account to see 19937 posts.