HOUSTON, TEXAS - DECEMBER 05: In this photo illustration, a gas pump is filling up a vehicle at a Chevron gas station on December 05, 2022 in Houston, Texas. U.S. gas prices have dropped towards $3 a gallon, with global gas prices having steadily dropped since June.

I actually have to stop and get gas on my way home today. I hate pumping gas, I hate having to stop on my way, wait in the weather, and of course the cost. Plus there are often sketchy people hanging around gas stations no matter which one I go to. But now there is one more thing you have to be concerned about when heading to the pump- razor blades. Police in Forest City and nearby towns have issued a warning after multiple razor blades have been found on gas pump handles in the area. This is according to a report by WGN9. The blades were discovered during a routine inspection of the pumps conducted by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.

It is unclear what that motivation was for an individual or individuals to place them there. All have been removed at this time, but it’s still important to give that handle a once over before grabbing it. Police plan to review video footage to try and identify a suspect. But you can bet I’ll be taking a look at that handle before I begin pumping my gas at a North Carolina station this afternoon. Stay safe out there!

Source WGN9

9 Peculiar Roadside Attractions You'll Find In North Carolina

There’s something just so American about roadside attractions. We’ve all been on the family road trip and seen the gimmicky roadside attractions they hope you’ll stop at. No matter what part of the country you are traveling through you will find these tourist traps on backroads. I’m sorry to admit I have never stopped, even though there are a lot of rather interesting roadside attractions in North Carolina. I did drive by one mentioned on the list, in Thomasville, on my way to a dance competition years ago. Couples were taking prom photos in front of a giant chair. That memory has stuck with me for years!

Several ‘world’s largest” items on this list include furniture, frying pans, and a religious reference. There are also some things I’d classify as ‘oddities’ a term I can’t remember the last time I used. And finally, there are just some interesting attractions you may have not known our state had. So the next time you’re on a road trip maybe you’ll find a reason to stop and stretch your legs. Have you ever been to any of these locations? Did we miss any? Let us know on social media! Here are 9 of the most peculiar roadside attractions in North Carolina.


  • World's Largest Chest of Drawers- High Point, NC

  • World's Largest Ten Commandments- Murphy, NC

  • Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park and Museum- Wilson, NC

  • Satellite Park-Durham, NC

  • Shangri La Stone Village- Prospect Hill, NC

  • Belhaven Memorial Museum- Bellhaven, NC

  • World's Largest Duncan Phyfe Chair- Thomasville, NC

  • Giant Concrete Legs- Henderson, NC

  • World's Largest Frying Pan- Rose Hill. NC