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Ja Morant is becoming a huge superstar and household name. Ja Morant in first couple seasons in the NBA was a stellar athlete and model citizen. Well let’s fast forward to this year. Ja Morant is on the brink of blowing his NBA career. It is a privilege to play in the NBA. It is an earned privilege. Ja Morant has earned it. This year is seems as if he wants to throw it away. He has be linked to a fight with a 17-year-old where it is alleged that he brandished a gun. He was also seen on his Instagram live with a gun. This has been the biggest violation to go along with other allegations of him and his entourage. The gun in the instagram live video has brought a lot of questions. One of the questions is did he bring the gun on the team plane? If he brought the gun on the team plane he could be suspended for 50 games due to it being a team violation. SMDH. It seems like he needs some better people around him to tell him do not I repeat do not blow this opportunity.

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