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Do you love soul food? If you’re a foodie and you like to go to different restaurants to see how good the food is, then you’ll like the fact that there is a list of the best restaurants in each state.  Love Food did research that shows which restaurants are the best soul food restaurants in each state.

In North Carolina, the best soul food restaurant that was voted on was Nana Morrison’s Soul Food. When Nana moved to Charlotte, it was difficult because she couldn’t find any soul food. This made her want to start her own soul food business.

Satisfied customers always comment on how well-seasoned and crunchy the skin is on the fried chicken and there are always daily specials that include meatballs, chicken Alfredo, and meatloaf, along with plenty of delicious sides like collard greens, Mac n cheese, cornbread, and yams.

Do you think this is the best soul food restaurant in Charlotte?