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Soul food comes from the food that is cooked with love and when everything is ready to eat, after you finish it all it’s like the food touches your soul.  The term comes from the ’60s when the word “soul” was used to describe black culture. Which let’s be real, we surely have plenty of soul in all we do. From food to music to dances.  Even now the heartiness, comfort, and flavor make soul food hard to beat.

Love Food did research by analyzing data and searching reviews to select the best soul food restaurant in each state in the United States.

South Carolina is on this list and the best soul food restaurant according to love food is Hannibal’s Kitchen.  It’s located in a big orange building in Charleston, South Carolina. Pretty hard to miss. The Huger family has been selling soul food and seafood from that same building since 1985.  It’s famous for its crab and shrimp rice, which is full of flavor, while the pork chop with red rice is a customer favorite.

What is your favorite soul food restaurant in South Carolina?