It was a scary situation for both an alligator and the homeowner over the weekend as the gator got trapped in a backyard and later the fence.  The incident occurred in the Sea Trail community of Sunset Beach. Luckily the homeowner realized that the animal, which got its head stuck in the fence trying to escape the yard, was in distress. They were quick to reach out to the Sunset Beach Police Department who shared the incident on social media. They report that while the alligator was agitated by the officers at first, they were able to get free and transported back to the neighborhood pond where it resides.

The department also took this as an opportunity to educate and warn the public of the dangers of gators. They wrote: “Alligators are protected under North Carolina State Law. Alligators are dangerous animals. Do not approach them or allow children to approach them. Alligators can move very quickly over short distances. Never feed alligators. Feeding alligators teaches them that humans are sources of food, which could lead to injury or even death. This is especially dangerous in areas where children may be present. Feeding alligators outside of captivity in North Carolina is prohibited by General Statute.”

Seeing an alligator anywhere, but especially stuck in your fence can be startling. Luckily this homeowner did the right thing and no people or gators were harmed.