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Construction sites almost vacant after new Florida immigration bill

A scary site for construction owners maybe underway in Florida. A new immigration bill could be threatening a lot as some construction sites seem to be scarce when it comes to employees.

This comes after a recent immigration bill in Florida passed that is a monster of a bill. Gov Desantis is not on the good list for a lot of residents of Florida. The video below shows a construction site in Florida that appears almost vacant immediately after this bill passed. I will explain more about the bill below.

With this new immigration bill, medium and large sized employers must use a federal electronic verification system for to verify all employees are eligible to work in the United States. Most major construction companies are considered medium to large sized companies anyway, so they automatically fall under this rule. Some construction companies have been known to pay some employees under the table. This new immigration bill would prevent that. The other side of this is that hospitals are now required to ask patients about their immigration status under this bill. To me, that is a complete disaster.

Regardless if someone needs care, it should be given to them. The last side of this bill to talk about is the human trafficking side. Yes, you heard me right, human trafficking. Also according to Politico, if someone were to cross state lines knowingly with an undocumented immigrant, they could be charged with human trafficking. That is wild! The reason I say that is because what if someone didn’t know someone else’s immigration status and the authorities didn’t believe them? We have seen corrupt police before and this could be nasty. Not all police officers are bad ones. Let me make that clear. I’m just stating a scenario that could be scary for someone. If someone is an undocumented immigrant and has a license in another state, it will now be against the law to drive in Florida regardless of that license from another state.