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Would you drink water that is millions of years old?

This is a question I’m not sure if I would be prepared to answer. I would have a ton of questions. How old is this ancient water and where did it come from.

Science wasn’t my most favorite subject in school, but it was my most fun at times. I remember when I was a kid once, my Dad and my Stepmom took my sister’s and I to Indianapolis. We went to visit our Grandparents. While driving through the mountains, my Dad would say he wanted to stop to drink water out of the rocks. The one time we did, I can’t lie to you. It was extremely refreshing.

I wonder if this water would be refreshing, or absolutely sickly and disgusting. The water in the video is millions of years old. The water was trapped in the rock. My question what is the best way to get this water out to pour and actually taste it. I’m not sure, but I think I’m good drinking it.

11 Waterfalls That Will Take Your Breathe Away in North Carolina

Ever since I was a little kid, spending time outdoors had been a simple joy for me. I just love nature and the magic of waterfalls. North Carolina has glorious hiking trails and magnificent waterfalls that will awaken your mind.

Since I am a true waterfall junkie, I decided to compile a list of different hiking spots and waterfalls I have visited. Here are 11 of the most beautiful waterfalls North Carolina has to offer. Please always use caution and be safe when visiting these locations.

  • 1. High Falls at Lake Glenville

    My newest adventure was to High Falls at Lake Glenville. It was beautiful! It is located just below the dam for Lake Glenville on the West Fork Tuckasegee River near Cashiers in Jackson County. This is a 150-oot waterfall. It’s a really awesome location. Start planning your trip here.


  • 2. Looking Glass Falls

    This is one of the most popular waterfalls in North Carolina. Looking Glass Falls is a 60-foot waterfall that has a glorious swimming pool at the bottom. Nearby are Sliding Rock and the Forest Discovery Center at Cradle of Forestry.


  • 3. Harper Creek Falls

    Harper Creek Falls is a perfect spot to have an adventure. This is a secret gem that is a must-see. The hike is 2.8-miles and you can continue for a 5-mile hike doing the full loop. You start with a bang hiking a rather steep incline, but the result is heavenly. Harper Creek Falls is in two main sections, the top being a little higher than the bottom, and there lies a pool in the bedrock between the slides. When it’s warm, you can swim and the hike to the falls is moderately rough.



  • 4. DuPont Forest Triple Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Hooker Falls

    I love this place. So much. I guess this technically is three waterfalls, but I’m just going to loop it into one for the sake of time. It gets very crowded in the Summer though, so go early. The park recently changed the rules and parking is not allowed on the side of the road. You can see more on planning a visit here.



  • 5. Stone Mountain Waterfall

    Wow! This state park is a great way to spend your day. You can hike to see the 200-ft sliding waterfall and the Blue Ridge Mountains. High Shoal Falls Loop is filled with cascading waterfall views that I highly recommend. You can see more on Stone Mountain State Park and plan your own little day trip adventure HERE!


  • 6. High Shoals Falls

    South Mountain State Park is located only about an hour and twenty minutes outside of Charlotte and features beautiful hiking trails, an 80-foot waterfall, and perfect streams for trout fishing. They have such a great hike to High Shoals Falls. You can see more of my adventures in this state park here.



  • 7. Catawba Falls

    When I moved here, this was one of my first big hikes. Catawba Falls Trail is a two-mile adventure east of Asheville. Views range from a mossy, shady forest valley to a beautiful series of waterfalls along the Catawba River. You can see more.


  • 8. Skinny Dip Falls

    This was a fun hidden waterfall. There is a 6-foot deep pool you can jump off into. It is located off the Blue Ridge Parkway and is only a 3/4 mile hike. A trailhead for Skinny Dip Falls is across the Blue Ridge Parkway from the parking area (no signs directing you to the waterfall) but you can find the path at the “417” milepost. You can plan your escape here.



  • 9. Tom's Creek Falls

    Tom’s Creek Falls is located between Marion and Little Switzerland. This beautiful 80-foot tall waterfall is an easy one-mile round-trip hike. There were only a few people there when I hiked it and if you ever find yourself in the area, it is a perfect place to relax, enjoy a picnic and just appreciate how beautiful our natural wonders are. One cool thing about these falls is the sparkling rocks. I later found out with some research that this is mica that was once mined here. The plate-like crystals are really pretty to look at and they glisten in the sun.


  • 10. Soco Falls

    This is a double waterfall located on the Cherokee Indian Reservation. You can access it via a short walk from US Highway 19, just 1.5 miles south of the Blue Ridge Parkway (at Milepost 455.7). t takes less than five minutes to walk to the observation deck to view the taller falls, which are 120-ft. You can see more here.


  • 11. Sliding Rock

    This spot is so much fun. I recommend wearing pants when you slide down. Sliders patiently line up and wait their turn as one-by-one they ride the chilly water (50-60 degrees!) down the 60-foot flat, sloping boulder. You can see more on planning a visit here.