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Would you perform one task for $2 million if you were a lawyer?

If I had a law degree I would be beating down Yo Gotti’s door for that $2 million. He is offering a lawyer this money to perform one task.

I’m sure you’re wondering what that one task is and its easy. The lawyer has to get rapper 42 Dugg out of of prison early. This year, the rapper was sentenced to 1-year in jail on a felony gun charge. The gun charge stems from a 2020 incident and he was actually supposed to serve six months in a prison camp in West Virginia. Here’s the kicker, he failed to show up for his sentence and now here we are.

Yo Gotti claims that the rapper is receiving unfair treatment in jail. There are also claims that he has not had an opportunity to see his family. Those aren’t the only allegations flying. He claims as well that US Marshalls prevented him from an apparent zoom appearance that could have placed him in a halfway house. Those are a lot of allegations. Are you trying to snag that money?

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