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Close up photo of empty wallet in black man hands on yellow background. Panorama with copy space

Finesse2Tymes did not make the song “Backend” for nothing. He recently aired a promoter out calling him allegedly broke for not having his backend.

Finesse2Tymes has been around for a minute and is a rapper that a lot of folks love. A single the rapper dropped last year “Backend”, paints an outline not to play with his money. Especially his backend. Finesse recently was slated to appear and/or perform at a show in Clarksville, TN. Finesse showed up as he was supposed to, but they didn’t have the rest of his money and he made sure to let everyone know.

Seeing what some would call a “janky promoter” is nothing new. Not saying that is what happened here, but y’all need to make sure you have people’s money.